Why do I have to pay German VAT?

Even if you are from an EU country, the US or some other place in the world, you have to pay German Value Added Tax (VAT) for the conference fee. The reason is that the conference is held in Germany and all "proceedings" occur within the country. There is no way that someone could claim that a good is being shipped outside of Germany.

For example, when staying in a hotel in Germany, the bill is VAT-taxed as well. So, unfortunately, the VAT issue is out of our hands.

If you attend on behalf of a company then your tax official can tell you if and how to get the VAT back.

How do I pay using a bank transfer?

Bank transfers usually take about three working days to be processed. There are a couple of reasons why your transfer may not appear immediately in your online account.

First, you may have placed the order after the bank has processed their orders for the day (not all banks process even online banking immediately).

Second, we usually check our bank transfer records every day, but on some days this may not be possible.

On the day the bank transfer arrives in our bank account, we will process the payment and record the exact amount we received. If there is a gap between the amount paid and the amount due, the difference will be requested.

If you do not see your payment processed within 10 days, then something has gone wrong. Usually payments will be processed much faster, but please do not contact us earlier regarding bank transfers.

How do I book two half-day tutorials?

First register regularly for the conference and book one of the tutorials along with the registration. After finishing your registration you'll be logged-in automatically to your newly-created website account (login information will be sent to you by email, too). As a logged-in user you can return any time to the registration page ("Visitors"->"Registration & Order") and book an additional tutorial. Please take care not to "double book" - ordering two tutorials that run in parallel.

I only want to book tutorials, why does this not work?

We believe it is important for everyone to attend the main conference, so we do not offer an option to attend only the tutorials. The tutorials can only be booked if you are a regular attendee.

I booked one full day tutorial, why am I charged for two half day tutorials?

Each of the tutorials is only half a day long. So even when a topic continues for a full day, it will show on your invoice as two half-day tutorials. 

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