Thank you!

Thank you for participating in our T3CON09 survey! You can find the results of the survey directly here on this page.

And congratulations to Søren Madsen, Denmark. He's now got one of the great TYPO3 toasters. Have fun with it!

What category do you fit in best?

It was interesting to see that there are lots of developers present at the conference. Since T3CON09 was targeted at business people, we see lots of potential here and will invite more business oriented people for 2010.

How do you rate the ticket fees for attending the conference?

We are happy to see that most people thought that tickets were fairly priced. So it is most likely that ticket prices will stay that way for T3CON10.

How do you rate the overall quality of the talks you attended?

Great, that people really liked the quality of the talks. We will of course try to get even better talks and more interesting speakers from TYPO3 related areas... But results like these make us happy.

What do you think about the hotel the conference took place in?

Most people liked the hotel and only a few had complaints which we already investigate. A general remark was, that having two different floors for the conference was a bit irritating. We'll see into it how we can improve that...

What is your opinion of the conference being in Frankfurt, Germany?

Not much to say but T3CON10 will definitely be in Frankfurt, Germany again.

How likely is it that you attend the next TYPO3 conference T3CON10?

Nearly 50% of the conference visitors will definitely be back in 2010. That's great, especially since only very few are probably not coming. And if (see last question) really everybody brings another person, 700 conference guests will be reality.

What is your overall rating for T3CON09?

This is somehow one of the most rewarding facts about T3CON09: Seeing that nearly everybody liked the conference and it was a great success. This gives us fuel for all the thousands of hours of work necessary for T3CON10!

Thank you!

I will bring one additional person that did not attend T3CON09 to next years conference.

Although we tried to trick people into a yes here by having only the "yes-answer" a few developers (of course) managed to submit a blank value. ;-))

We hope those specialists will bring 2 people then....

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