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Domain Driven Design with FLOW3 for Developers and Consultants

Irene Höppner
Author Description:
Irene Höppner is managing director of the A.BE.ZET GmbH in Munich. She is specialized in TYPO3 since six years. She is co-author of a book for TYPO3-professionals and trainer of two DVD-videotrainings about TYPO3.
She has a deeper eye on FLOW3 since 2008 and spends a lot of time with the framework since the developer days 2009.
In this tutorial we are going to show the tasks and doing of consultants and developers in a project using Domain Driven Design.
A team of developers and a consultant (moderator) will do a live demonstration of Domain Driven Design with FLOW3.
The consultant will look for some domain expert in the audience who wants to see his fine little domain being implemented. The domain expert will be interviewed about his domain (e.g. with a class diagram as result) and the developers simultaneously start implementing it in FLOW3.
The result will be a little application which demonstrates the advantages of DDD.
During the demonstration not only the interview will be seen/heard by the audience, but the developers will also show and explain what they are doing at the moment.
This tutorial is not meant to be a "hands on" one, so you won't do the things on your own computer but watch the professionals at work. Thus it does not only target developers, but also consultants and project managers.
We aim to have enough time (about one hour) for discussion and questions after the demonstration.
The members of the developer team are Robert Lemke, Karsten Dambekalns, Sebastian Kurfürst and Bastian Waidelich.
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