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Caretaker ... TYPO3 monitoring

Martin Ficzel, Tobias Liebig, Thomas Hempel, Christopher Hlubek
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Martin Ficzel (project manager) and Thomas Hempel (TYPO3 developer) work for the TYPO3/ISP agency n@work/Hamburg. Tobias Liebig (TYPO3 developer) and Christopher Hlubek (CEO) work for the TYPO3 agency networkteam/Kiel&Hamburg. All of them have multiple years of experience with TYPO3 in many different projects and are active community members and extension developers. Thomas Hempel is co-organizing the annual TYPO3 Developer Days. Thomas Hempel, Tobias Liebig and Christopher Hlubek are TYPO3 Core Developers.
A TYPO3 installation is a complex mix of TYPO3-core, TYPO3-setup and extensions which makes every installation unique. Therefore it is difficult to automatically detect the health of a TYPO3 installation, especially when new security concerns arise or different systems, extensions or partners are interacting. Currently available system-monitoring software, like nagios, can check the hardware state and much more but not the proper setup of TYPO3 and the correct function of the whole website.

Given this situation n@work/Hamburg and networkteam/Kiel joined forces to develop a flexibe TYPO3 monitoring system. Including the basic functionality known from other system monitoring software we intended to add the following new features:

1 - Testing and monitoring of remote TYPO3 installations (core, setup and extensions)
2 - Include integration tests (based on Selenium)
3 - Flexible and comfortable management of tests as TYPO3-records
4 - Extensibility of the whole system.

The talk will start with a short introduction to system monitoring in general and the special needs of TYPO3 and webserver monitoring. Afterwards the caretaker extension is being demonstrated. The talk will close with a roadmap for the next possible development steps and a short Q&A session.
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