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Opening TYPO3 to the Outside: The TYPO3 iPhone App and Other Examples

Thomas Esders and Helmut Hummel
Using the TYPO3 backend, it is fairly easy to update contents of a web page.

Up till now it was not possible to manage TYPO3 contents through third party applications. Other systems, like WordPress, offer an interface that does enable users to do that. The new interface, created by, enables users to update contents in TYPO3 through a third party application now too.

By the means of this interface you can portray for instance the following scenarios:
Live coverage from an event: Create news with pictures of the event on your iPhone and automatically transmit and show them on your internet site as news or blog article.
Manage several customers’ web pages in one desktop application: central administration and processing of content, templates and TypoScript; central check of topicality of extensions.

Drawing on the example of an iPhone application we demonstrate the state of the development of the interface. Moreover, we will give a prospect of further developments of the project.
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