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Training as Essential to Wider Adoption of TYPO3

Virgil Huston / Michael Cannon
Author Description:
Virgil Huston, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Acqal Corporation, an official TYPO3 Agency. has been doing web development since 1996 and working with TYPO3 since 2003. Before entering the new Internet world as a profession, he had over ten years experience in training and instructional design ranging from classroom teaching to designing courses and writing lesson plans. He holds an M.Ed in Adult and Vocational Education, MA in Cultural Anthropology and completed all requirements except dissertation for a Ph.D in Adult education. His objectives include improving the state of TYPO3 training and helping make TYPO3 approachable for the lay person.
Michael Cannon, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Acqal Corporation, brings over 20 years of real world practical knowledge of deploying small and enterprise web content management systems for clients in the academic, consulting, engineering, government, non-profit, political and publishing industries. Michael has been involved with TYPO3 since 2003 and is focusing on making TYPO3 accessible for all organizations with regards to content publishing and social networking.
TYPO3's extensive learning curve is often cited as a reason for not using it by web development agencies, freelancers, companies and organizations looking for a Content Management System (CMS) or Website Content Management System (WCMS). This is perhaps the biggest reason for non-adoption of TYPO3. This presentation will:

1. Present the results of a TYPO3 Training Methods Effectiveness survey currently being conducted. The objective of the survey is to identify the most effective methods of learning TYPO3 and compare the methods between various demographic and geographic groups.

2. Examine the current state of TYPO3 training in comparison to these findings.

3. Discuss the cost effectiveness and practicality of implementing various training methods in actual practice.

4. Show actual examples of online training methods and discuss the tools used to produce them, to include the role of instructional designer and subject matter expert in the training development process.
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