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Templating in 5 minutes with templ8r

Claus Witt Jørgensen and Jesper Rasmussen
What is Templ8r?
Most TYPO3 developers face the daily routine of having to slice layouts from designers, inventing HTML framing, doing CSS adjustments and setting colour-values. This often means the developer will end up with less time for creating actual business logic. Why not make the templating process as simple as possible, and have more time for doing actual development ?

Templ8r is a online templating service, allowing you to generate and customize templates for several open source systems including TYPO3. The service can be used either directly from its AJAX frontend, or by the webservice API. Templ8r is currently in private beta, and will be released during the fall of 2009. Templ8r templates are based on standards based components, such as the gridsystem, ensuring that all templates validate as true XHTML and CSS2.

templ8r TYPO3 plugin
The templ8r TYPO3 plugin is a complete integration of the system into TYPO3, allowing you to generate and customize templates directly from the TYPO3 backend, when creating a new site. The templ8r service will not only generate the template for the pages, but also a full page tree, including TypoScript and TemplaVoila setup and mapping.

One minute website revisited
Kasper once showed us all how to create a TYPO3 website in one minute or less, if you already have the sliced HTML, CSS and graphics for it. We will show you how to get a complete, templated website in a few minutes, with just the design, or even with no design knowledge at all.
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