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Displaying JpGraph in TYPO3

Laurent Foulloy
Author Description:
Prof. Laurent Foulloy heads a faculty of engineering (Polytech'Savoie) in the university of Savoie - France. Besides its teaching and research activities which have no direct links with TYPO3, he has been using this CMS since 2004 and has become an active member of the French community.
The aim of this paper is to present the extension sav_jpgraph available in the TER which makes it possible to display graphs produced by the JpGraph library in TYPO3 web sites.

The extension introduces a new concept for implementing such graphs. It relies on XML templates which, in many cases, are easily written from the php examples provided with the JpGraph library.

Markers can be introduced in templates in order to change their behaviour. Data can also be changed through XML either manually or by means of queries.

After having introduced JpGraph and existing extensions in the TER, the paper will focus on the technical aspects of the XML template processing. Examples of template writing and results will be provided.
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