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Online Enterprise Applications with TYPO3

Kian T. Gould
Author Description:
Kian T. Gould is the founder and managing director of AOE media GmbH. He has over a decade of experience in the installation of complex Internet portals and applications and has been intensely involved with TYPO3 for seven years. During this time he has worked on more than 400 TYPO3 projects. As a Senator in the “Bundesverband für Wirtschaftsförderung und Außenwirtschaft” (Federal Association for Economic Advancement and Foreign Trade) he advises the German Federal Government on Open-Source Technology issues. Kian is the official fundraiser for the TYPO3 association and in charge of marketing for the Enterprise Web CMS, as well as being involved in a variety of TYPO3 Community Projects.
TYPO3 as we know is not only renowned for being a powerful and feature rich Open Source CMS System. Its also a very powerful Framework for building browser-based applications, that can benefit from the many features built into TYPO3 for that matter.

The talk will cover several Case Studies, how TYPO3 is used and can be used to really empower companies to do their business applications online. Some Case Studies include:

1. Implementing workflows for more than 1,000 auditors to manage their worldwide certification processes and enabling 20,000 clients to manage their certifications. (DQS - Deutsche Qualitäts Sicherung, Germany)

2. Building a complete ERP system interface for the monopolist in magazine distribution in Oceania with several thousand stores. (News Direct, Australia)

3. Managing thousands of events and registrations in one central TYPO3 system (VDI, Germany)

The talk is targeted mainly at decision makers in the process of developing TYPO3 for their IT infrastructure.

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