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Case: EMI Music Germany - Using TYPO3 to generate individual newsletters

Mathias Schreiber & Jo Hasenau
Author Description:
Mathias Schreiber is using TYPO3 since 2002 as a fulltime profession.
He participated in the very first developer meetings, hosted the very first Usergroup Meeting ever (in Wuppertal, Germany in 2002) and held over 50 training session at most of todays well known TYPO3 agencies.

He is founder of wmdb Systems Germany which focusses on integrating enterprise processes into TYPO3 (namely SAP, CRM and DRM systems).
EMI Music approached us a year ago because they needed to reduce the workload on the newsletter team in Cologne, Germany.
After a short conceptual phase it turned out that TYPO3 offered all needed possibilities to create newsletters in individual designs for each artist EMI Germany has contracted.

A special challenge was that newsletters prohibit most CSS styling mechanisms due to the fact that most web-based email-readers don't support CSS to a convinient degree.

Every part of the template is editable via the TYPO3 backend, the publicly available extensions of the "ICE Pack" take care of rendering the HTML according to the artist's layout wishes.

Apart from that an image cropping tool has been developed to ensure that all graphics retain the same height/width aspect ratio for an clean overall look of all EMI newsletters.

We'd like to bring Dominik Dross of EMI Music Germany along as a guest speaker - we will show the system in detail and explain why this solution lead to much more convinient, faster and more efficient workflows within EMI Music's CTU unit.

Up to now over 300 newsletters in more than 40 designs have been created this way and the number is growing every day.
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