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From Web CMS to POS (Point Of Sale) CMS - New possibilities of direct marketing using online POS Systems

Ingo Schmitt
Author Description:
Ingo Schmitt is CTO of Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH, working with php/MySQL since 1996. TYPO3 was introduced at Marketing Factory in 2002 as a replacement for all homemade cms systems and is currently used by customers like Henkel, Metabo, Wrigley, Ista, Westfalia, Kneipp and many more. He is lead developer for the extension commerce, which development was initiated and sponsored by Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH for a direct integrating a shop system into a cms.
This Paper is designed for the Consultancy-Track

POS Systems are well known in the current retail business. In some cases these are just non interactive video or dvd displays. Interactive POS Systems are normally touchscreen applications where customer can get specific information concerning the products, news, instructions or promotions.
Today these interactive systems are built with normal pc hardware, running normal pc operating systems. By adding 3G possibilities to these systems, so that the system can directly access the internet, you gain a lot of possibilities in updating the contents of these systems, collecting usage statistics and getting customer data.

During this track you will discover how you can create editorial synergies by maintaining the POS Systems and your web application within one TYPO3 installation. We will also step into the possibilities of analyzing the user click paths and how to optimize the contents and layout of the system by updating the POS. Also we will discuss how you can collect personal user data and interact with the user with your normal Internet CRM tools, like email newsletters, twitter or promotions.
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