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Publishing optimization

Daniel Pötzinger
Author Description:
Daniel Pötzinger has more than six years of TYPO3 experience under his belt and has worked on more than 80 TYPO3 extensions. Within the T3 Community he is considered an expert on Core Module subjects such as TemplaVoilá, as well as Language Fallbacks, Visibility and MVC. He is a skillful hand at developing clean solutions with a particular love of elegant, easily maintained and reusable coding. Daniel is always open for new project and development methods, such as Agile Software development.
The workspace feature of TYPO3 is quite powerful to change and review changes on the website independent from Live but is often not used, although required, due to its complexity.
In large companies, that need to ensure a high quality and effective website, a lot of divisions and people are involved in this publishing process. Not all have TYPO3 experience and the time to use TYPO3 and for some its simply to complex.

This talk shows a freshly developed new workspace preview modul and a configurable notification system deveopled specifically towards the workflow requirements of a large enterprise client. The talk will cover the concept, development and implementation of such a module and the benefits generated from it.
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