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Hosting reliable peak performance with TYPO3

Jürgen Egeling, Christian Heck, Christoph Kronast, Bernhard Ulbrich
Author Description:
Jürgen Egeling is well known in the TYPO3 community. As CEO of and TYPO3 board member, he has a long history in TYPO3.
Christian Heck is consultant at and "Certified TYPO3 Integrator". He is since 5 years with TYPO3 and can tell you all the little details you need to know about an optimised site.
With FTI - Frosch Touristik GmbH (FTI) has a high volume TYPO3 website with some additional peak performance challanges. As the website is advertised on television, the site has some massive peak challanges and on the other hand some lower "idle" time, which is still significant.
In close connection and developed the website, and brought it to live with some significant speed optimasations.
FTI will tell you about the challanges in starting such a website, and will tell you about the challanges on improving the delivered data, caching and reliable failover. The whole system is monitored 24/7 and continuously optimised towards speed.
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