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Rockstar Apps and how it helps you developing better TYPO3 websites

Bob Buffone
Author Description:
Bob is the Chief Architect at Nexaweb and is responsible for platform and tool technology, a provider of the Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite enabling enterprise class rich Internet applications (RIAs). He is also a committer on the Apache XAP Project, which provides an extensible framework for declaratively creating Ajax applications. Before Nexaweb, Bob was with Trakus, a technology company focused on tracking sports in real time. A leading expert in user interface design, he is a regular speaker at industry events and has published multiple articles on tool and application development.
Web performance is something that has gotten a lot of press lately and for good reason; increasing the performance of a website can increase the revenue it generates, your users happiness and will decrease your cost of running it. This session will give general information on how to go about optimizing the front-end performance of your TYPO3 site. We will cover the following topics:

- CSS & JavaScript bundling
- CSS & JavaScript minification
- Creating Image Sprites

Once we have covered these general concepts we will look at the tools and show you how they make optimizing your web applications simple.
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